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Attend the Most Exquisite Event of the Year at Our Party Venues for Hire

Located north of Sydney on Caves Beach is a rare gem: Caves Coastal Bar & Bungalows. Tucked in on the edge of the coast, this exquisite location boasts party venues for hire along with settings for conferences, meetings, bridal showers. This lovely location could also be where you may one day walk down the aisle in a shiny white gown with the sun coming in over the water’s edge as your loved ones adore you and the surroundings. This is where your fairy tale begins.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Waterfront Party Venues

Caves Coastal is proud to offer a wide range of services with trained staff and skilled chefs to lead the way.

  • The guests are just as important as the host, and you have a fantastic option to decide how many people will join your extravagant event. Hosting any number of people from 10 to 250, you choose how large or intimate you want the party to be.
  • You may choose from various spaces to host conferences or corporate meetings and social events such as birthday parties or engagement announcements. Our highly trained staff will advise and guide you to make a decision perfect for you.
  • A coastal wedding: a dream come true. On your beautifully planned celebratory day at Caves Coastal, you will find the most breath taking views overlooking the Case Coast. Let the catering and event management team take the reins; all you have to do is breathe in the ocean air and enjoy your special day.

What You Can Expect From Our Party Venue Hire Team

We are very proud to offer a range of services that will cater to your needs. We understand that every event is unique, and we take meticulous care in seeing to every last detail resulting in a satisfied client.

  • Much as there are seasons for indoors, Coastal Caves equally admires the outdoors. Party halls for hire are available for those who require less light, perhaps a cooled venue or a regulated setting. Another option you may also enjoy is the expansive outdoor deck to absorb the lovely ambience that Caves Beach offers. The choice is yours.
  • Open from Monday to Sunday, you will fall in love with our unique menu carefully prepared by the Caves Coastal chef, boasting a sea-to-plate option that you will find nowhere else. Modern Australian cuisine caresses the palette and lights up the senses.
  • Those who have travelled far to enjoy a special day with loved ones can book a room at the luxurious Lake Macquarie Accommodation and enjoy a well-deserved rest after retiring from the event. From individual beach bungalows to four-bedroom beach houses, no matter the size of your company, our villas and self-contained options will satisfy your every need.

Why Choose Us?

The Caves Coastal team will look after your every need, from live entertainment to intimate gatherings.

Should you have any questions or need assistance with your reservation, please do not hesitate to contact us.